13 Delicious & Wholesome Cauliflower Rice Recipes

By Jess

Rice is such a staple in so many different cuisines that it is not surprising that Paleo chefs have been hard at work coming up with ways to substitute it. One of the most effective ways is using cauliflower that has been chopped up until it is the size and consistency of cooked rice. Once you have a supply of cauliflower rice on hand you can use it in many different ways while cooking, including in sushi, as fried rice, or as a side dish to any of the meats that you will be eating while on the Paleo diet.

Cauliflower “rice” is a delicious alternative and substitute for white rice. It’s actually really tasty, wholesome and low-carb.

super easy cauliflower rice
Photo: Hollywood Homestead

1. Super Easy Cauliflower Rice
Let’s keep things easy as we get started with cauliflower rice, as you want to keep a ready supply so you always have something available to use as a side dish, or as part of a recipe. All that’s required for this version of cauliflower rice is a food processor and a large head of cauliflower. You basically just chop up the cauliflower until it starts to look like rice, and then you cook it. It will cook more quickly after it has been chopped up so much. They make a suggestion of using turmeric or a chicken curry sauce along with this rice, and also point out that you can eat it with salsa.

2. Chicken Fried “Rice”
Fried rice is one of the most popular ways to eat rice, and this chicken fried rice recipe shows you how it’s done. They include paleo ingredients like garlic, coconut aminos, fish sauce, chili paste, carrots, mushrooms, onions, eggs, and of course cauliflower. The thing that makes it different than straight rice is that includes plenty of chicken along with it. It also has a tasty marinade so this will be very flavorful as well as easy to digest compared to the actual rice cousin. You’ll soon see that Paleo doesn’t ask you to give up your favorites, just create new and innovative ways to have them.

3. Moroccan Cauli-Rice
Several Moroccan spices and seasonings are in play with this Moroccan cauliflower rice recipe. They’re using one head of organic cauliflower, which it is important to use organic food whenever possible, especially in a vegetable like this that makes up most of the dish. You’ll also find that they are using currants, mint, and almonds, as well as garlic to bring you a very distinct flavor and make this an interesting dish if you’ve gotten bored with ordinary cauliflower rice. This is a rice dish that will actually help you in your quest to lose weight and be fit, rather than an ordinary rice dish that might not be processed well by the body.

4. Ginger-Garlic Cauliflower Rice
One way to make rice taste better is to use plenty of seasonings and ingredients that pack quite a flavor punch. In this cauliflower rice concoction they are using garlic, coconut vinegar, and fresh ginger to create quite a sensation on your taste buds. They are using tallow to fry up the rice, so you’re going to get plenty of additional favor from that. You might be hard pressed to find another diet program out there that has you using fats like tallow to cook your food in. The Paleo diet is not so concerned with fat grams, calories, and carbohydrates, and more interested in using high quality ingredients from natural sources.

spicy ginger cauliflower rice
Photo: It’s Me, Charlotte!

5. Spicy Ginger-Lime Cauliflower Rice
If you like your rice spicy, give this spicy ginger lime cauliflower rice a try. It gets its spice from jalapenos, and there are additional flavors with ginger, garlic, and a citrusy lime flavor as well. If you really want to go all out they say that you can add cilantro and green onion to it for additional flavor. But with all that is going on, you will probably be just fine with the recommended ingredients. This is one rice dish that would best be served with any sort of Mexican inspired meal, and it will really add to the nutritional value.

6. Mexi Cauli “Rice”
This rice recipe has some Mexican flavor, and also packs quite a nutritional punch in the form of spinach and avocados. Of course you are starting off with a bunch of cauliflower, so already you’re getting the benefit of a vegetable. They also add plenty of ground pork, so you are getting roughly equal parts vegetable and meat, so this is a full Paleo meal in one dish. You’ll be getting potassium and fiber from the avocados as well as additional fiber, phytonutrients, and minerals like iron from the spinach. To help with the flavor they’ve added cumin, garlic powder, and actual cloves of garlic.

7. Raw Sushi with Cauliflower Rice
There’s no reason to take sushi of the menu while you are on Paleo, as long as you’re using cauliflower rice for the rice in the sushi. In fact, rice is the only ingredient in sushi that is a paleo no go. There is nothing wrong with eating raw fish, and having it wrapped up in seaweed while you are on the Paleo diet. This lets you really take advantage of some of the amazing sushi recipes that are out there, as long as you make up a big batch of cauliflower rice to use as the inner part of the roll.

8. Garlic Herb Lime Cauliflower Rice
This cauliflower rice recipe is a reminder that you don’t really need to go to extremes in order to make a healthy and delicious batch of rice. They are using a very basic list of ingredients which includes cauliflower, cilantro, parsley, garlic, lime, and a little bit of coconut oil to saute it up. It shows you that with just a head of cauliflower and some accompanying ingredients you can make a very delicious rice in no time, and if you want to make it a full Paleo meal all you need to do is add meat of your choice to it.

indian style cauliflower rice
Photo: Livin’ the Crunchy Life

9. Indian-Style Cauliflower Rice
One of the funnest things about eating Paleo is that you get to borrow flavors from many different styles and cuisines. In this cauliflower rice recipe they are borrowing heavily from Indian fare, and they are using spices like cumin, turmeric, ginger, and cardamom to bring you flavors that your palate might not be used to. Anytime you’re following any sort of diet program it’s really important to make sure that you have food that keeps you interested and keep you from getting bored. You want to choose foods that excite you, and make you eager to eat them again.

10. Paleo Rice
This recipe is billed as being a Paleo rice, made from cauliflower and a cast of supporting ingredients. You’ll find onion being used as part of this recipe, as well as cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper. This is going to make it somewhat of a spicy rice, and one that you can use as a side dish for a wide assortment of different main dishes. Since it’s made from cauliflower it counts as a vegetable, and helps you meet your vegetable requirement while eating Paleo.

11. Red Coconut Cauliflower Rice
Paprika and cayenne combine to give this rice its red color, and shredded coconut gives it a taste that you probably wouldn’t expect from a rice that looks like this. You are using a chopped up head of cauliflower, along with coconut oil and a bit of salt and pepper to your liking. The end result is a cauliflower rice that they are dubbing red coconut cauliflower rice, and a great add-on to a chicken breast, or a steak.

12. Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice
We’ve already shown you how to make chicken fried rice, so how about this offering which is a pork fried rice that uses pork instead of chicken. You are getting a substantial amount of both cauliflower and pork, and there are even some carrots added for additional texture and nutrition. For flavor they are going with onion, garlic, and coconut aminos, and they have used a few eggs in order to give this a nice hearty consistency and help everything stick together.

13. Indian Pineapple Cauliflower Rice
This is a beautiful rice dish that you can cook up anytime you need a side dish that will really bring a meal together. Of course it starts with a head of cauliflower just like any other cauliflower rice recipe, but from there they add fresh pineapple, as well as sliced almonds and dried currants. For Indian flavor they are using curry powder, and to give it an added twist they have cinnamon and cilantro. It all gets cooked up in some coconut oil, but they point out that you can use whichever fat you’d like to cook this in.


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