40 Nutrient-Dense Paleo Breakfast Smoothies

By Jess

You can have homemade smoothies that are incredibly delicious and full of nourishing ingredients. Green smoothies have gained popularity for their ability to “sneak” greens and veggies into sweet (or even savory) smoothies, and as you’ll see in the recipes below, smoothie bowls are a fun way to enjoy extra thick smoothies with toppings. If you’re looking to make a new list of breakfast-appropriate smoothies, check out some of these paleo-friendly breakfast smoothie recipes.

Starting the day with one of these breakfast smoothies is my new thing. It powers me up without taking very long to prepare, perfect for M-F on-the-go days.

1. Chocolate Smoothie Bowl
This smoothie bowl is deliciously creamy with full fat coconut milk and avocados, full of vitamins and electrolytes from coconut water, and features raw cacao and macca superfood powders. If you need it a bit sweeter, you could add a touch of stevia or honey.

Green Veggie Loaded Smoothie Bowl
Photo: A Tasty Love Story

2. Green Veggie Loaded Smoothie Bowl
This smoothie bowl has an awesome green color and is packed with vegetables. You’ll be getting servings of avocado, broccoli, frozen spinach, bananas, milk of choice, ground vanilla, and lemon. Top with nut butter, toasted coconut nut, dried berries, and seeds.

3. Delicious Smoothie Bowl Template
This recipe teaches you how to make your own smoothie bowl with whatever ingredients you like. There are a few ideas included, but the basic formula includes a specific ratio or liquid to greens to fruits to protein powder and whatever toppings you want.

4. Delicious Carrot Cake Smoothie
Want to have your cake and eat it for breakfast too? What about drinking it instead? This carrot cake smoothie is made with medjool dates, coconut milk, carrot, frozen banana, flaxseeds, vanilla powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for a sweet and cake-like taste.

5. Detoxifying Green Apple Smoothie
Did you overdo is yesterday with the birthday cake or the holiday food, or whatever was tempting you? Try this detoxifying smoothie for breakfast, made with kale, spinach, lemon, green apple, cucumber, agave nectar, and ice to make it nice and frosty cold.

Purple Carrot, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Lime Smoothie
Photo: The Krooked Spoon

6. Purple Carrot, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Lime Smoothie
This multi-flavored smoothie uses carrots, because they have a natural sweetness, a pretty color, and a flavor that doesn’t clash with fruits like strawberries and watermelon. You’ll also need dried coconut flakes, cashews, mint and plant milk (leave out the buckwheat for serving).

7. Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl
This recipe contains paleo modifications in the instructions, so read carefully. It’s sweet and delicious with frozen banana, almond milk, apple sauce, cinnamon, and optional greens, but it’s free of refined sugar and super healthy for your body in the morning.

8. Green Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
This smoothie, with gelatin, coconut milk, spinach, and fresh pumpkin puree, makes a lovely healthy breakfast that you can boost with cashews, protein powder, or anything else you’d like to add. The spices give this smoothie an awesome flavor, and it’s such a pretty color.

9. Fig and Blueberry Grain-Free Porridge
You don’t need oats or rice to have a lovely morning porridge. Try this hybrid porridge-smoothie made with zucchini, cucumber, fennel, blueberries, prunes, ground hemp and chia, cinnamon, manuka honey (or maple syrup) and coconut milk. Top with seeds, nuts, and bee pollen.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Strawberry Orange Smoothie
Photo: Wandering Root

10. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Strawberry Orange Smoothie
I can’t wait to try this smoothie just based on the title and the picture! The flavor is unique and perfect for morning time, with a boost of protein from almond butter. You’ll make it with banana, strawberries, orange, coconut milk, crushed ice, and pink sea salt.

11. Go-To Green Smoothie
This recipe is very similar to my own go-to green smoothie, and it’s made with spinach, chopped mango, pineapple, banana, and water. It’s super easy and doesn’t really taste green, and you can add chia, coconut flakes, or any other toppings you wish to add.

12. Berry Tropical Smoothie Bowl
This tropical smoothie bowl will make you think of islands with its rich and fruity flavors from coconut milk, passionfruit, banana, coconutflakes, and mixed berries of your own choice. Adding collagen peptides gives you a boost of protein and goodies for your hair, skin, nails, and gut.

13. Velvety Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie
Chocolate and raspberry are pretty much a heavenly combination, and you can make it happen for breakfast tomorrow with this smoothie using frozen banana, raspberries, almond milk, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, and to make it green, a cup of spinach.

Maqui Berry Bowl
Photo: To Her Core

14. Maqui Berry Bowl
Here’s a unique smoothie bowl made with frozen banana, mixed berries, avocado, almond milk, cacao powder, baby spinach, sesame seeds, and maque powder. Serve it in its colorful glory with extra berries and maybe a nice sprinkle of bee pollen over the top.

15. Chia Seed Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl
Chia seeds in liquid create, for some people, what’s often referred to as “a texture thing.” I am one of these people—people who can’t stand the texture of chia pudding. If you’re with me, try it this way, all blended up and creamy, to benefit from those little powerhouse nutrient seeds.

16. Minty Pineapple Cucumber Green Smoothie
Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits to use in green smoothies, because it has such an amazingly tangy and sweet flavor, and its mild color doesn’t create mud-colored smoothies (call me shallow, but I like my food to look as good as it tastes). Try this one with mint and cucumber!

17. Peach Smoothie
This simply smoothie has a lovely sweet flavor from fresh or frozen peaches and banana seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla. Coconut milk makes it creamy, and you can add optional boosters like collagen, MCT oil, hemp seeds, or pink Himalayan sea salt.

Immunity Boosting Frozen Cranberry Orange Smoothie
Photo: Cotter Crunch

18. Immunity Boosting Frozen Cranberry Orange Smoothie
Who couldn’t use a little boost to their immune system in the morning? This smoothie is totally delicious with fresh orange juice, raw cranberries, coconut or almond milk, banana, and lemon juice (I’d use the juice over the essential oil—essential oils are not safe for eating!). This is a great holiday smoothie, too.

19. Pumpkin Spice Green Smoothie
Nut butter (almond or cashew would be best) makes this pumpkin spice smoothie super rich and creamy, while frozen spinach, vanilla protein powder, and chia seeds make it extra nutritious. There’s no actual pumpkin, just pumpkin spice, so you can make it even without the orange stuff.

20. Green Smoothie Bowl
This fun green smoothie bowl is made simple with pineapple, avocado, spinach, almond butter, flaxseed, berries, pecans, shredded coconut, and chia seeds. I think I know what I’ll be making with those pecans I shelled yesterday from the CSA share!

21. Healthy Strawberry Protein Smoothie
This strawberry smoothie is so easy to make and has only three ingredients with an optional drizzle of honey as the fourth. You’ll need strawberries, protein powder of choice, and milk of choice. I’d make this one with unsweetened almond milk.

Ultimate Superfood Pregnancy Smoothie
Photo: Tastes Lovely

22. Ultimate Superfood Pregnancy Smoothie
Got a (grain-free) bun in your oven? This smoothie has a bunch of ingredients that are perfect for a growing baby and a tired, hungry mama-to-be. You’ll need frozen berries, banana, flax and hemp, coconut oil, and organic greens (whatever you like) as well as vanilla almond milk.

23. Back to Basics Green Smoothie
This green smoothie forgoes the fancier add-ins to focus on the healthy basics of baby spinach, kale, diced pineapple, mango, basil, cucumber, and coconut water. It’s hydrating and perfect for waking you up in the morning with a sweet and healthy smoothie.

24. Freezer Smoothie Bags
This “recipe” is actually 5 recipes in one, with instructions on how to turn your ingredients into ready-made smoothie miracles just waiting in the freezer to be whirled into existence in your blender. Try Coconut Chai, Tropical Turmeric, PBJ, and more!

25. Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie
This green smoothie is the perfect breakfast for the day after a paleo cheat (some sugar maybe) or a day when you’re feeling a bit sore from your workout. It’s made with almond milk, banana, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, chia, ground cinnamon, flax, and fresh spinach.

Green Smoothie Bowl With Cashew Butter Magic Shell
Photo: Clean Kitch

26. Green Smoothie Bowl With Cashew Butter Magic Shell
Doesn’t this bowl look super good and creamy? The smoothie base is made with almond milk, vanilla, and frozen avocado with hemp protein powder. The magic shell is super easy to make with cashew butter, coconut oil, and cacao powder. Yum!

27. Coffee Smoothie
Need your morning joe? Try it in the form of this smoothie instead, made with almond milk, full fat coconut milk, coffee, frozen banana, almond butter (or nut butter of your choice), and unsweetened cocoa powder if you’d like to make it chocolatey.

28. Rainbow Sunrise Smoothie
You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good rainbow smoothie. This one is made with peaches, maple syrup or honey, coconut water, raspberries, blueberries, banana, almond milk, spinach, berries, and chia seeds. It’s colorful and is sure to give you an instant mood boost.

29. Banana Split Vegan Smoothie Bowl
This smoothie bowl tastes like a healthy banana split you can enjoy for breakfast. You’ll need bananas, almond milk, strawberries, nuts (use almonds or cashews instead of peanuts), chocolate, and to avoid the non-paleo sprinkles, a bit of bee pollen or shredded coconut.

Frozen Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
Photo: Eat Healthy Eat Happy

30. Frozen Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
I’m a huge fan of the sweet and complex flavor of blueberries, and this breakfast smoothie bowl is basically like a blueberry soft serve sweetened with bananas. I’m telling you, you’ll feel like you’re eating ice cream for breakfast…without FEELING like you’re eating ice cream for breakfast.

31. Antioxidant Packed Raspberry Smoothie Bowl
The bright and sweet-tangy flavor of raspberry is sure to give you a boost on a gray day, and this recipe is packed with antioxidants, too. To make it, you’ll need banana, frozen raspberries, nut milk, baby spinach, shredded coconut, lemon juice, and almond butter if you want it extra creamy.

32. Strawberry Banana Smoothie
There are few things as classic as a nice strawberry banana smoothie. You don’t have to get fancy to make a smoothie that’s healthy for breakfast, and this one is made with almond milk, orange juice, strawberries, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, frozen banana, and ice.

33. Rainbow Fruit Smoothie
The colors of this smoothie and its swirliness remind me off the store-bought rainbow sherbet I used to love as a kid. But this is much healthier and tastier, too. You’ll need passionfruit, strawberries, banana, almond milk, vanilla, spinach, and other ingredients.

Chocolate Coconut Smoothie
Photo: Cook Eat Paleo

34. Chocolate Coconut Smoothie
This simple smoothie is full of healthy fats from coconut milk that will help you stay full for hours afterward. It’s naturally sweetened with banana, raw cacao powder, and collagen peptides for healthy skin, hair, nails, and digestive tract.

35. Summer Melon Smoothie
On summer mornings in my hot desert climate, I hardly feel like eating real solid food. I usually resort to a refreshing smoothie packed with vitamins like this one, with strawberries, banana, watermelon, cantaloupe, and ground (or even fresh ) ginger.

36. Green Mojito Smoothie
Here’s a mojito you can enjoy first thing in the morning without any social judgment. It’s made with coconut water, lime zest and juice, kale leaves, mint, pineapple, and stevia for a hint of sweetness—you could also use just a touch of honey.

37. Banana Mocha Green Monster Smoothie
This smoothie is naturally sweet from bananas and vanilla, and features the awesome flavors of cocoa powder and coffee. The xanthan gum isn’t really necessary, but if you need your smoothie a bit thicker, try adding a bit of gelatin bloomed in water.

Mango Cherry Headache Fighter Smoothie
Photo: Great Food and Lifestyle

38. Mango Cherry Headache Fighter Smoothie
This smoothie contains a whole handful of basil leaves, and basil is excellent for fighting headaches and other conditions. The ginger, cherries, mangoes, coconut cream, and lime juice make this smoothie taste simply amazing, even if you don’t have a headache.

39. Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl
I’m a big fan of dark cherries, and this smoothie is full of them and their fantastic flavors. If you want it extra creamy, you could use coconut milk instead of coconut water. The cacao nibs sprinkled on top of this smoothie bowl just take it over the top.

40. Creamy Orange Avocado Smoothie
Avocado will help keep you full until lunch time with this smoothie, while the orange and banana provide an energy boost. And it’s so easy to make it’s almost silly, with just bananas, orange juice, avocado, and orange zest if you feel like topping it off!


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