54 Amazing Paleo Breakfasts to Start Your Morning Right

By Jess

When you start starting your days the Paleo way you’ll find that you have more energy, less grogginess, are more alert, and make it all the way to lunch with no hunger pangs. Part of it is because you won’t be consuming breakfast foods that make you that way, and part of it is because you’ll be switching to foods your body handles much more efficiently. Here is our comprehensive breakdown of some of your best breakfast options as a Paleo-er.

54 Amazing Breakfast Recipes- to start your morning right.


paleo granola

1. Make Your Own Homemade Granola
Buying granola is not the Paleo way, and it’s bound to get you in trouble with added ingredients that don’t really belong. Getting grain-free granola is not easy, and even if you do find some there’s no way to know about the quality of how it was made. Taking matters into your own hands is the only way to go, and Kiri breaks down a simple way to make great-tasting granola with a list of simple ingredients. You can make it in bulk and store it in an airtight container so you always have it at the ready for a quick breakfast.

2. Paleo Cereal!
Let’s be clear: the cereal aisle at the store is not your friend. The majority of them will be made with wheat or grains of some sort, and the ones that aren’t will contain refined sugar and plenty of preservatives to keep them fresh and crunchy. This recipe shows you how to get a healthy cereal made from wholesome ingredients and nothing added to it that doesn’t belong. Nuts, seeds, berries, and optional banana slices ensure that you’re going to enjoy this sweet cereal, just pour coconut milk over it and dig in.

3. Vanilla & Orange Granola
This granola mix centers on two distinct flavors, vanilla and orange. Since it’s Paleo friendly you can rely on it using natural sources for the flavors it uses, so you’ve got ground vanilla beans for the vanilla side, and orange zest for the orange. The granola is made up of nuts and seeds, and is sure to provide the crunch you’re expecting without using any oats. The nuts and seeds read like a who’s who of healthiness, with chia seeds providing fiber and omega-3s, and pumpkin seeds adding their healthy dose of magnesium.

4. Grain Free Coconut Crunch Mango Granola
This cereal has a lot going on, and none of it is bad for you. The coconut comes from unsweetened coconut flakes, the mango is dried so it can be stored up and you can eat it gradually. It’s all grain-free, so you don’t have to worry about it making you fat, but at the same time you’ll want to get into the Paleo habit of only eating until you feel satisfied. This is different from most diets because you don’t have to weigh anything or count anything, you just have to develop a healthier relationship with food and use it to sustain yourself rather than for any emotional reasons.


breakfast burrito
Photo: Finding My Fitness

5. Primal Breakfast Burrito
One thing that all Paleo breakfast burritos have in common is they won’t be using a flour tortilla as the wrapper. This one uses egg whites to make a nice fluffy casing for all of the yummy ingredients inside. It’s heavy on the meat and veggies, which will help you stay satisfied throughout your morning, and make you feel like you actually ate something. Don’t forget the hot sauce and salsa, two items that are generally Paleo safe, you’ll just want to check out the ingredients first to make sure they didn’t sneak in anything unauthorized.

6. Civilized Breakfast “Burrito”
This burrito uses coconut flour to make the tortilla, a common replacement for ordinary flour made from wheat. This gives it a pretty authentic look, taste, and feel, so you’ll swear you’re eating a regular breakfast burrito. The fillings are what you’d expect, plenty of eggs, beef, spices, and peppers. It’s sure to satisfy you, and doesn’t take long to make, just 20 minutes from start to finish. The point of eating Paleo is not to starve yourself or go without your favorites like most diets. It’s about finding ways to have the foods you enjoy without making them bad for you.

7. House of Cyn Breakfast Burrito
This burrito is using eggs as the tortilla, so it doubles as a sort of omelet, but for our purposes here we’re willing to call it a burrito. As long as you fold it up like one, your taste buds will be fooled. The way they filled the insides is pretty interesting. They repurposed leftover taco meat, which goes really well when you think about the concept of a breakfast burrito. So you’ve got the eggs in the wrap, beefy taco-flavored meat inside, with bacon added to really give it that good morning taste.


eggs benedict

8. Paleo Eggs Benedict on Artichoke Hearts
Eggs Benedict is one of the tastier egg breakfasts you can have, and having it on Paleo is a no-go unless you make the right modifications. Here she’s put the whole thing on an artichoke heart to keep it grain-free. The egg and the hollandaise sauce are pretty traditional, but are still made in a way that makes it 100% Paleo. You can see that great attention was paid to use ingredients that are Paleo friendly. This uses ghee in the hollandaise sauce, and keeps everything as simple as possible. Complicating a recipe usually takes it further away from being Paleo.

9. Italian Scramble
It’s nice that you can eat eggs while on Paleo, because they make it easy to whip up a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Here’s an Italian inspired egg scramble that uses just 7 Paleo ingredients to create a hot, filling breakfast quickly and easily. She’s using one of the trendiest and healthiest veggies on the planet, kale, so you’re going to be getting additional protein, a good serving of fiber, as well as many phytonutrients and minerals. There’s also tomatoes with their lycopene, and a side of avocado with its healthy fats, potassium, and additional fiber.

10. Baked Eggs in Ham Cups
With a prep time of just five minutes you’ll love making this baked eggs in ham cups. The ham serves to hold the eggs in place and also adds in a nice baked flavor. The eggs provide you with additional protein and insure that you won’t get hungry again until it’s lunch time. You can also opt to make these with slices of turkey instead of ham, so there’s some customization available. You also get to mix in your favorite egg go-alongs so it’s a uniquely yours kind of breakfast.


kale and red pepper fritatta

11. Kale and Red Pepper Frittata
Get used to making frittatas on Paleo, since they’re so yummy, and don’t require too much modification to keep them Paleo approved. Rebecca cooked up this lovely frittata that’s infused with chopped up kale, yummy bacon, and she even managed to sneak in some coconut milk for some nice flavor and great texture. Red peppers and onions will give this a bit of color and a lot of taste as well. The best part is you can get this all prepared and pop it in the oven for 15 minutes while you finish getting ready in the morning.

12. Bacon Frittata Muffins
These are either muffins masquerading as a frittata or a frittata shaped into a muffin, depending on how you want to look at it. We look at it as delicious and a great way to make a frittata portable for mornings on the go. Just remember to drop the cheese and cream, and use substitutes like vegan cheese and coconut cream as Paleo friendly replacements. The end result will be very similar, and the core ingredients are all approved. They even have options for kicking this up a notch with cayenne pepper and paprika, so you can season them to taste.

13. Spinach, Sausage and Mushroom Frittata
This frittata is bursting with flavor thanks to savory sausage and sauteed mushrooms. Spinach is added to get your morning off to a healthy start and power you up with phytonutrients and antioxidants. It’s important to get veggies at each meal if you want to have more success with Paleo. Leaving them out and just getting meat isn’t going to work out in the long term. Vegetables like spinach not only help to round out the meal, they add an extra dimension of flavor.

14. Spicy Egg Frittata
This recipe isn’t messing around, and if you like a nice bit of heat to wake up your taste buds in the morning, this is the way to go. The spice comes from serrano peppers, which are considered hot, and whose spice level can range on the Scoville scale pretty considerably. They are near the jalapeno on the low end, and can get as spicy as making your eyes water on the high end. They are the main source of spice in this recipe, and the remaining ingredients add their own unique flavors to make this an A-1 frittata.

15. Squash Blossom and Zucchini Frittata
This has to be one of the prettiest frittatas we’ve ever seen, and it’s all thanks to the squash blossoms used. It’s not too often you see a recipe calling for squash blossom, and if you’ve never eaten one you’re in for a real treat. Rounding this off is zucchini and host of other delicious ingredients that complete the ensemble. You’ll want to sub out the heavy cream with a coconut cream to keep this Paleo and dairy free if you’re unable to handle dairy in any amount. Paleo is all about finding out which foods your body responds well to and what it has trouble with.


Photo: And Here We Are

16. French Toast Breakfast Chalupa
It’s remarkable how many delicious items you can enjoy with Paleo. It definitely doesn’t limit you, but instead encourages you to make your favorites in a healthier way. Here’s a concoction that’s sure to keep you out of fast food drive thrus in the morning. A chalupa that uses french toast for the shell. You’ll get classic breakfast flavors from eggs and bacon to go along with your french toast. A portable breakfast that’s great any day of the week.

17. Mexican Breakfast Meatzza
Pizza for breakfast can finally happen for you on Paleo. That’s because all of the things that make a traditional pizza unhealthy have been replaced with Paleo substitutes. It’s also been modified to include breakfast ingredients so you can feel like you’re having a pizza, but also like you’re eating breakfast. Of course it’s also got plenty of Mexican flavor, using chorizo for some spiciness, enchilada sauce for a distinctive flavor, and avocado as a topping. In all likelihood once you try this you’ll be making it on the regular.

18. Breakfast Burger
Burgers for breakfast, finally! If you’ve ever awoken in the morning and felt like sinking your teeth into a nice juicy burger, you can get your wish with this breakfast dish. These burgers are the real deal, minus the bun. They even get topped with a fried egg so you can really feel like you’re at a dinner. There are sun dried tomatoes cooked right in, but you may still want to pair this up with a vegetable of your choosing, since a balanced Paleo meal will be meat and veggies in almost equal amounts.

19. Paleo Sausage Balls
Sausage for breakfast is a go on Paleo, and these sausage balls are made to conjure up the smells and tastes of breakfast sausage, in meatball form. One thing you’ll notice is that even they’re they’re made like meatballs, they don’t contain breadcrumbs. Instead they’re using coconut flour to help hold them to a round shape. They even include a link to a recipe to make your own sausage. One thing you might have to get used to on Paleo is making things from scratch, and becoming a purist when it comes to the quality of your ingredients.

20. Bacon Wrapped Eggs with Sweet Potato Hash
Anytime you wrap something in bacon you’re going to make it taste better, and these eggs get all wrapped up so they look cute and taste amazing. The real kicker to this meal is the sweet potato hash you can cook up next to the eggs and bacon. This ensures you’re getting a heaping serving of vegetables, and sweet potatoes are a really good choice to start the day. They provide the same beta Carotene that carrots are famous for, plus they have fiber to help your digestive system. They also digest slowly, so you’ll feel satiated all through your morning routine.


blueberry muffins
Photo: Bravo for Paleo

21. Paleo Blueberry Muffin Recipe
Blueberry muffins are one of the most popular muffins in the country, if not the most popular. They have a pure and simple taste that helps you have a good morning, and the antioxidant value of blueberries is something that can’t be overlooked. The only problem is that almost all of the blueberry muffins you’ll find being sold are made with all-purpose flour, or some other enriched flour product. Priority one is getting the grains out, and here she’s using a mix of almond flour and coconut flour. This is a popular mix with Paleo cooks, and it does a good job of replicating the look and feel of baked goods.

22. Pumpkin-Berry Muffins
Rather than buying those giant muffins at the local coffee shop, with a gazillion calories and made with who-knows-what, you can make these pumpkin-berry muffins, control the ingredients, and know that it’s not bad for you to eat it. These use 3 different types of flour to get the muffin consistency just right, and you’ll definitely taste the pumpkin since there’s real pumpkin in it. There’s also a nice portion of blueberries used, so you’ll be starting your day with important antioxidants that will help each cell in your body. This is one of the Paleo recipes with plenty of ingredients, but once you see how it tastes, you’ll be hooked.

23. Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
When you need your chocolate fix in the morning, stick with these muffins. They provide a double dose of chocolate in the form of dark chocolate and cocoa powder, the two types of chocolate that are authorized on Paleo. Avoid chocolate muffins containing milk chocolate because it’s made with plenty of added sugar. The great thing about these muffins is that they use natural sources for their sweetness, and have vegetables baked right into them so you’re also getting nutrition along with your chocolate. Be sure to keep your portions in check and only eat until you feel satisfied.

24. Avocado & Bacon Muffins
These cute little muffins are packing some serious flavor, and also are pretty nutritious. Usually when you hear the word bacon you immediately think it’s unhealthy, but when it’s paired with a superfood like avocado you start to make it better. Bacon does provide protein, and yes saturated fat as well, which is why you never want to overdo it. With Paleo you’ll always be matching your meat intake with vegetables, which helps you properly digest the meats you’re eating, and provides plenty of antioxidants and fiber to keep things balanced.


spinach and cheese omelet
Photo: Cooking in Sens

25. Spinach and Cheese Omelette with Spicy Piperade
This is a great omelet if you’re looking for something similar to what you were eating before Paleo. With the spinach included in this you’re sure to be getting a nice assortment of vitamins and minerals. The cheese is up to you, and you can opt out of it or use a hard cheese that contains less lactose. Cheese on Paleo really comes down to trial and error. Take it out of your diet for the first few weeks and then experiment with some of the harder varieties, like parmesan or a hard cheddar. These generally have less lactose in them and are better tolerated. See what your body can handle, and take the ax to anything that upsets your system.

26. Apple Pie Omelet
This is a unique twist to the omelet, taking a dessert and putting it into omelet form. This is great for those mornings when you want something sweet, but also want to get your protein so that you don’t get hungry mid-morning. And it really is made in the likeness of an apple pie, with real apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg spices to give it that classic flavor. The eggs provide the protein and minerals you need to jumpstart your day, and you’re off, with a satisfaction that comes from eating apple pie.

27. Omelet Bites
These little bite sized omelets are stuffed with vegetables and bacon so that you’re really getting a good breakfast, made easier to eat due to the size. They get baked in a cupcake tin, so they’ll come out in a uniform shape and size, and you can even bring them with you as they make a great handheld breakfast for those mornings when you don’t have time to sit down and eat at the table. It’s great how all of the ingredients get sauted together before getting baked so they come out ready to eat.

28. Caprese Omelet
This omelet is caprese style, so it’s trying to capture the classic taste of a caprese salad, which is mostly made up of tomatoes and mozzarella. When it comes to the mozzarella, it’s something of a Paleo gray area, and you’ll have to decide if you want to use it, and if so how much. The recipe doesn’t specify any given amount, and says you can add as much or as little as you like. Many Paleo followers find that they can handle a bit of cheese now and then, without going overboard with it.

29. Omelet Breakfast Bowl
Omelets are great, but if you don’t have time to babysit it, or make sure that you get the flip just right, you can make this breakfast bowl that tastes roughly the same, but is easier to make. She basically makes the egg cover the bottom of the bowl, so it acts to hold the other ingredients in place. She’s using smoked ham and mushrooms in this, two great choices that taste great together, but really you can pile on any Paleo-friendly items you choose once you have the eggs as the base.


protein pancakes
Photo: tgipaleo

30. Super Fluffy Coconut Vanilla Protein Pancakes
Pancakes are one of those quintessential breakfast foods that you will probably crave after a bit of time on the Paleo diet. But it’s OK because on this “diet” it’s not about summoning the will power to go without your favorites, it’s about being creative and subbing out unhealthy ingredients for better choices. With these protein-packed pancakes you’ll be able to get out in the world and do caveman-like things, even if that does include a lot of paper shuffling and mouse clicking.

31. Grain-Free Apple Pie Pancakes
You’ll have to remind yourself that these apple pie pancakes are made especially for Paleo eaters. They’re not only topped with apples, but they’ve got appley goodness baked right into them. All grains have been removed in favor of coconut flour, and all secondary ingredients are naturally sourced and Paleo approved. Take a look, it’s packed with things like ghee, pure raw honey, pure maple syrup, eggs, and of course apples. Go organic on the apples for best results, as part of Paleo is avoiding conventionally grown produce and the foul stuff that’s in it.

32. Cranberry Pancakes with Coconut Flour
Start your day with tart cranberry flavor and your mouth will wonder what’s going on. They’re using dried cranberries, and they’ve gone with coconut flour to give these a light and fluffy feel to them. You get to top them with real maple syrup, or honey. If you want to use honey, go with raw organic honey, and if it’s not in liquid form just heat it up a bit so that it becomes pourable over your pancakes. These definitely are unique, and it’s not too often that cranberries make it into a pancake, so if cranberries are your thing these pancakes are sure to please.

33. Paleo Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes
If you’re going for presentation you don’t have to look much further than these pumpkin pancakes. They’ve been specifically engineered to adhere to the Paleo guidelines of what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Combining almond flour and coconut flour is something you’ll see done again and again in Paleo kitchens, as it works great at getting the consistency just right. Here they’ve added a bit of arrowroot flour to make sure it comes out perfect. Real pumpkin is in play here, and there’s quite a lineup of spices to make sure your taste buds know what’s up.

34. Pecan Flax Paleo Pancakes
These pancakes are created with a few special ingredients you won’t find in most pancake recipes. First, they have flax seed cooked right into them, so you’ll be getting a serving of fiber as well as omega-3s. She’s gone with a combination of coconut flour and tapioca flour, which is sure to make these look and feel like normal pancakes when you eat them. The other special ingredient is pecans, which will supply you with healthy fat, and give you energy to burn through your morning activities.

35. Toasted Coconut Pancakes
These pancakes are very similar to the kind that you enjoyed before you started eating Paleo style, but with a few variations that make them taste yummy but also make them healthier. The coconut flavor is coming from three different ingredients. Coconut flour will provide only a hint of coconut, but the use of coconut butter and coconut milk takes this to another level and infuses the pancakes with a nice coconut flavor. You can top them with any Paleo fruit, and the blueberries pictured are a great choice.

36. Coconut Banana Pancakes & Lemony Butter
Bananas show up quite a bit in Paleo cooking because they’re one of the most obvious foods that we know for a fact our ancestors would have consumed. They’re also very versatile and can be mushed up and put into pancake batter like they are here. There’s also coconut flavor from real grated coconut as well as cooking them up in coconut oil. To top these off they’ve made a lemon butter which you can use ghee instead of butter, or go with grass-fed organic butter.


breakfast porridge recipe
Photo: Paleo Spirit

37. Paleo Breakfast Porridge Recipe
Since oatmeal is out of the question it’s good to become adept at making a nice porridge for your Paleo mornings. This would be a good recipe to master, as it replaces any trace of grain with more wholesome things like almond meal and flax meal, giving you added benefit in the form of omega-3s. There’s bananas mashed right in giving it a helping of potassium and fiber, and raw honey used to sweeten the whole deal. A unique blend of spices and some creamy coconut milk makes this a can’t-miss start to a cold morning.

38. Creamy Paleo Maple-Nut Porridge with Banana
Curl up with this Paleo porridge to fight off those winter morning blues. It contains plenty of pecans with real maple syrup as the sweetening agent. There’s even a recipe included for how to make your own coconut butter. Coconut butter is one of the fats you’re allowed to eat on the Paleo program and it’s nice to keep a supply of it handy for all of your different cooking and baking needs. It’s sure to make this porridge taste great, and come out creamy and very porridge-ish.

39. Banana Nut Porridge
This porridge concoction will keep you charged throughout your morning and will definitely hold you over until lunch. The use of almonds. pecans, and cashews means you’ll have plenty of energy, as well as health fats and that there will be a nutty flavor to this porridge. The banana will definitely be noticeable as well, and using coconut milk ensures that your porridge will be creamy and delicious.

40. Paleo Porridge
Here’s a porridge that uses just a few ingredients, and borrows heavily from the coconut. It’s using coconut flour to thicken it up, and coconut milk to make it rich and creamy. The only other ingredients are eggs and salt, and a topping of your choice. Plain porridge is nice because it is pretty much like a blank canvas for you to make it however you want. You can go with fruit, or a little maple syrup, whatever you want to add that’s falls under the Paleo umbrella of healthy foods.


bacon avocado sandwich
Photo: Urban Paleo Chef

41. Portobello Bacon Avocado Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast sandwiches are nice because they have a sort of novelty to them, plus they are easy to hold and take with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy them pretty much anywhere. This breakfast sandwich does away with the bread and uses a portobello mushroom instead. Packed between the mushroom caps is plenty of bacon and avocado, along with some lettuce. It’s all you need to feel like you had a great start to your day.

42. No-bread Bacon and Egg Sandwich
How to make a bacon and egg sandwich without using toast: lose the bread and use the egg instead. This is like a bacon sandwich, with the bacon sandwiched between two slices of egg bread. The great part is that there are vegetables cooked right into the eggs, so you’re getting plenty of protein and veggies in this breakfast sandwich. They’re using cabbage and peppers, but they say you can use any mix of vegetables that you want.

43. Stegosaurus Breakfast Sandwich
This is a fun breakfast sandwich to make and eat, especially if you’ve got kids that are trying to eat right too. The reason this has such a cute name is because they’ve dubbed the purple sweet potato slices “dinosaur plates” and they’re using them as a substitute for the toast, biscuit, or English muffin that you’d normally find on a morning sandwich. It works as a tasty replacement, and don’t be surprised if you get asked to make this again.

44. Open-Face Breakfast Sliders
It’s not every day you hear the term breakfast sliders, because sliders are usually miniature burgers you’d eat for lunch or dinner. They’re also typically not something you’d see served open-faced, so this is definitely a unique offering. The bottom “bun” is a portobello mushroom cap, and they’re really classing things up by using smoked salmon on these. There’s also a slice of bacon put on the top so it really brings it back to its burger roots. Salmon is definitely a Paleo food you should make it a point to eat.


breakfast skillet
Photo: The Healthy Foodie

45. Ground Beef & Butternut Squash Breakfast Skillet
This entire skillet is fit for presentation, and if you want to wow your overnight guests the next morning, or want to surprise your family with a great looking and better tasting breakfast, here’s your ticket. There’s plenty of grass-fed ground beef to make even the most meat-hungry Paleo eater satisfied, and there’s also enough vegetables used to make this a very well-rounded Paleo meal, one that will leave you feeling full, but not overly so once you’ve finished.

46. Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet
Many times skillets will have hash browns mixed in, and this recipe recognizes that potatoes are a food you’ll want to steer away from on Paleo. They’re using sweet potatoes instead, which are a Paleo authorized food and bring with them plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. You’re also getting additional nutrients from the avocados, plenty of potassium and additional fiber. To make it very Paleo there’s a good amount of high quality grass-fed ground beef in there as well. There’s even a hearty amount of spinach, yet another superfood added to the mix that makes this a stellar start to any morning.

47. Dijon Pork Breakfast Skillet
Dijon is not typically a taste you’d expect from a breakfast dish, but it features heavily in this pork-based skillet. There’s plenty of veggies in the form of mushrooms and zucchini, and there’s an entire pound of ground pork in use. Be sure that you are using organic pork to avoid all of the things wrong with the way pigs are conventionally raised. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser, so when it’s time to feed the entire family a breakfast that will keep them satisfied until lunch, this is the way to go.

48. Chorizo and Poblano Paleo Breakfast Skillet
Take a walk on the spicy side of life with this packed breakfast skillet. It uses the spices in the chorizo along with poblano peppers to bring you a breakfast you won’t soon forget. As if the meaty flavor of chorizo wasn’t enough there’s also bacon in this skillet, that quintessential breakfast item after eggs. He’s also managed to sneak some kale, mushrooms, and avocado into this skillet so there’s tons of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat to power you up.

49. Paleo Breakfast Skillet
This Paleo breakfast skillet has everything you’re looking for in a complete breakfast meal. The bright red of the tomatoes goes along with the orange from the sweet potatoes for a very colorful meal. One thing that might surprise you about Paleo is how attractive your meals look. If you’re used to boring and bland food when trying to lose weight, it’s time to rethink that way of doing it. Paleo meals are often vibrant, with different types of vegetables accenting the overall look.


sunbutter waffles
Photo: Taylor Made It Paleo

50. Birthday Waffles
With a name like Birthday Waffles you know these have got to be good. You don’t have to go without waffles while on Paleo, you just have to finagle the recipe around until it no longer contains unauthorized ingredients. This waffle batter is pretty simple, and a bit plan, allowing you to doctor them up as you see fit with a host of toppings. They’re using coconut flour to replace ordinary flour, and there’s some applesauce to help make this batter-like.

51. Buffalo Chicken Waffles
Spice up your morning with these buffalo chicken waffles. They’ve got just the right amount of heat thanks to the hot sauce, and it’s a great way to use any leftover chicken from the night before. The waffles help to balance things out, and they’re made without any grains and are Paleo friendly. There’s no limit to the kinds of foods with Paleo, with just a bit of tinkering you can have things like chicken and waffles and you don’t have to regret it later.

52. Beetroot Chocolate Waffles
Beetroot is one of the most nutritious vegetables you’re probably not eating. It contains a certain antioxidant that is only found in beets and a few other vegetables. Using fresh beetroot and not the pickled beets found everywhere is the key. Buy them fresh and use them in all sorts of Paleo friendly recipes. Here they team up with raw cocoa powder to make waffles that have the chocolate cooked right in, no need for chocolate chips or chocolate syrup. Coconut milk will give these waffles just the right texture and the creaminess will translate to soft, fluffy waffles on the inside.

53. Maple Bacon Waffles
Leave it to the cooks at TGI Paleo to come up with a way to get the bacon right into the waffle so you don’t have to have it on the side. They’ve also made the waffles totally Paleo by using coconut flour in lieu of the wheat-based flour you always see in waffles. These might look a bit like Eggos, but they’re anything but, and they will keep you on track with your Paleo eating, while allowing you to have what feels like a cheat breakfast. They’re using thick cuts of bacon, and we’d advise you to do the same so that you get nice thick bits tucked into the waffle.

54. Healthy Waffle Breakfast
Here’s a super-simple waffle batter recipe that will keep you on the healthy side, while giving you what seems like a treat. They have a great vanilla taste thanks to the use of ground vanilla beans, and the coconut flour is a nice replacement for regular flour. They are using some cream in this, so it will be up to you if you want to follow their lead and make it exactly or if you want to sub it out and keep it entirely Paleo.

Bonus Breakfast Recipes

55. Jessie B’s Breakfast Burrito
Jessie B knows how to make a breakfast burrito the Paleo way, and thankfully she’s willing to share her recipe. It’s filled with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, and even some spinach. She’s taken the shortcut of using a wrap that’s pre-made, which is quite helpful when you’re trying to make a delicious breakfast but you’ve only got one eye open so far. It’s true what they say, the harder a breakfast is to make the less likely you are to make it if you’re not a morning person. Take the easy road and enjoy this awesome burrito.

56. Eggs Florentine Breakfast Casserole
This casserole takes a classic breakfast known as eggs florentine and makes it easy to make and fun to eat. When you need to feed a crowd this is the way to go, as you can make a pan full of delicious breakfast fare as easily as making breakfast for just one or two people. Of course you’ll find a generous portion of spinach, and there’s also plenty of ground turkey. The kicker is that the slow cooker does the hard part for you so you can enjoy your morning even more.

57. Paleo Egg Muffins
Egg muffins are a fun and portable breakfast that can put all of your breakfast favorites in the palm of your hand. It’s so easy to grab one or maybe two of these on your way out the door and be all set. They’ve done a great job of showing you how to make these, and giving you ideas on what to put in them. For example, you can include sausage and have it built right into your muffin. There’s also veggies like spinach and bell peppers to delight your taste buds.

58. Sausage and Sweets Breakfast Bowl
We all know that pork goes well with a sweet sidekick, which is why pork chops and applesauce is such a hit. In this breakfast bowl you’re getting delicious sausage combined with sweet potatoes and they’ve managed to keep the eggs out of it. A great meal option if you’re out of eggs or if you’re just not in the mood for eggs that morning. The sweetness also comes from an apple as well as maple syrup which makes the sausage taste even better.

59. Breakfast Taco Pie
When you want to try something new for breakfast go for this Paleo breakfast taco pie. It is infused with taco flavors, while using ingredients we associate with breakfast. Taco seasoning takes care of the taco flavor we’re looking for here, and breakfast items like local, grass-fed eggs help to make this a morning favorite. There’s also plenty of ground beef in this, so you’re getting a protein-filled meal to help keep you feeling great until it’s time for lunch.

60. Loaded Savory Breakfast Muffins
These muffins are loaded, and as the name implies they’re loaded with savory items. A savory breakfast is often the key to feeling full for several hours, which is why so many sweet-based breakfasts leave you wanting more just a short time later. A combination of coconut flour and tapioca flour gives these just the right consistency, and in no time at all you’ll have them ready for the oven so you can finish getting ready for your day.

61. Carrot Cake Breakfast Muffins
Indulge in the yummy flavor of carrot cake with this awesome breakfast muffins. With your typical morning muffin you may get ingredients like blueberry or banana, but it’s not everyday that you can have a carrot cake muffin. This makes it seem like you’re having something special and out of the ordinary, which helps keep you on track and making progress. These light and fluffy muffins are also satisfying, and will hold you over for a long time.

62. Bacon Jalapeno and Spinach Omelet
Here’s an omelet that has a little bit of everything. Bacon for savory pork goodness, jalapeno to kick things up a notch, and spinach to boost the nutrient content of the meal. You can totally manage the spicy level here by removing more or less of the pith and seeds from the pepper. Remove all of it for a fresh jalapeno flavor with less heat, or less of it and you’ll get a hotter dish. It’s nice to be able to adjust this according to your own unique tastes.


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  1. I am so excited to see my Bacon Avocado Portobello Breakfast Sandwich here, among some of the top Paleo Chefs, and some of the top Paleo recipes! Thank you Paleo Grubs for pulling together a great list! And thank you for including my work on it too! I’m honored!

  2. OMG, thank you for so many amazing recipes! I send my own food into daycare for my son (even though food is provided) and I try to find new recipes for every week. Can get challenging! I love that you offer so many breakfast options!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for including my Spinach, Sausage, and Mushroom Frittata recipe! There are so many awesome-looking recipes here…I’m in good company!

  4. Do you know any alternatives to wheat flour for some of the recipes? By the way I really like them. I’m excited to make some.

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