21 Paleo Breads with No Wheat or Grains Whatsoever

One common lament about those deciding to go on the Paleo diet is having to give up bread. But just because you can’t eat what and grains anymore doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nice slice of bread or two, just as long as it conforms to the Paleo dietary recommendations. Here is our select list of Paleo-friendly breads that you can use for sandwiches, toast, or just to enjoy on their own.

21 Bread Recipes- this is an awesome list of grain-free bread recipes!

paleo sandwich bread
Photo: Guilty Kitchen

1. Paleo Sandwich Bread
Paleo eating lends itself to sandwiches, but many Paleo dieters go without because they think they can’t have bread. But with this bread specifically made to accommodate a sandwich, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure your sandwich is piled high with meat and vegetables, the two staples of the Paleo method of eating. The ingredients list on this bread is amazing, with real wholesome ingredients, and nothing artificial used. Coconut flour gets the call as the wheat replacement, and there’s even flax used so you’re getting a dose of omega-3s.

2. Microwave Paleo Bread
Early man didn’t have microwaves, but if they did they surely could have whipped up some of this Paleo bread. Sometimes you need or want bread in a hurry, like if you forgot to make it, or if you realize that a meal would be perfectly complete if it just had some bread to go with it. While there may not be any ancestral connection to our love of bread, it’s hard to argue that it’s become a staple of many diets, and really helps to satiate an appetite. But since it represents a part of the Neolithic time, bread isn’t truly Paleo even if it’s made with Paleo friendly ingredients.

3. Single Serve Low Carb Paleo Bread
Sometimes you don’t need a loaf of bread, and you just need enough for yourself to make a sandwich or to serve as a side to a hearty Paleo chili. This single serve recipe can easily be multiplied if needed, but it’s best when used as a one-serving bread when you don’t have the time, desire, or need for more than just enough for yourself. The way they’ve figure out how to make this Paleo friendly and ready to go in just a few minutes is impressive. It makes the perfect companion to all sorts of soups and stews, as the bookends to a sandwich, or as an accompaniment to eggs and bacon.

4. Rosemary Coconut Savoury Bread
You don’t often equate coconuts as being savory, but there are a few things in play here that get this to work. The use of coconut flour replaces the typical wheat-based flour used in most store bought bread. The savory comes from a combination of flax meal, sea salt, and olive oil. Coconut flour provides the right texture and helps this taste like a bread, and is one of the more popular flours used in Paleo baking because it has more of a light and airy taste and feel to it. Since it is derived from coconuts no grains are harmed in the process.

5. Quick Paleo English Muffins
If you’re an English muffin lover it won’t be long before you’re hit with a craving and won’t know what to do to stay on track with your Paleo diet. This English muffin recipe does away with the grains and delivers true muffin taste nonetheless. These have all the little holes and crevices you’d expect from any respectable English muffin, and you can feel free to spread organic grass-fed butter over this, or some nice organic ghee for an out of this world totally Paleo experience.

sweet potato bread
Photo: Wholefood Simply

6. Sweet Potato Bread
Using sweet potatoes as your base ingredients serves a few purposes. First, it makes it so you don’t have to use a wheat or grain source as the main ingredient. Second, it provides plenty of antioxidants and vitamin support from the sweet potatoes, as well as additional fiber. You’ll still want to get a serving of vegetables in with your meal, as this doesn’t really cut it if you’re having a nice portion of meat with it. Think green leafy vegetables in a salad and you’ve got a nice balanced Paleo meal.

7. Paleo Garlic Bread
Garlic bread goes great with any of the Paleo pastas we recommend. You’ll be blown away by how easy it is to make this, and how few ingredients it takes. You’ll also likely be pleased to see that it’s all natural ingredients with nothing artificial added, right down to using actual garlic for the garlic flavor. It’s amazing how many commercial foods have garlic flavor but don’t actually include any real garlic.

8. TGIPaleo Bread
You’ve gotta love the folks over at TGIPaleo, they really know their stuff and it seems they’re always tinkering around in the caveman kitchens trying to whip up palatable Paleo food that keeps you within the Paleo guidelines. Here they’re doing their best to perfect the art of Paleo bread making, and they seem to have gotten it right on this one. Just to be sure they’ve gone and replicated their efforts in second version, covered below. They’ve used a combination of coconut flour, ground flax for heartiness, fiber and omega-3s, and arrowroot flour for added texture and taste.

9. TGIPaleo Bread 2.0
This is the second incarnation of Paleo Bread attempted by the TGIPaleo gang, and they’ve made a few adjustments and seem to have gotten the hang of this. This version keeps the coconut flour but does away with the flax and the arrowroot flour. Instead they’re using egg whites and applesauce to get the job done, and they seem pretty pleased with themselves, as we have yet to locate a third version. Try both and see which one you like best, because they really are different styles of the same sort of bread.

10. Low-Carb Grain-Free Gluten-Free Bread Rolls
These bread rolls can be made for just about any Paleo dinner, and really give a meal the sense of being a meal rather than just a plate of meat and veggies. This plays a mental role, since you may be used to viewing a meal a certain way, and anything that doesn’t have enough parts to it isn’t really a “meal”.

paleo pretzels
Photo: Stir it Up

11. Paleo Pretzels
Here is a way to keep Paleo fun by making a batch of Paleo pretzels. It gets boring sometimes eating a certain way, and adding novelty treats like this really makes it seem like you’re not on a diet at all. Half the fun is making these, as you don’t have to stick to the conventional pretzel shape, and can wind them into any design you wish. The other half is eating them, and there’s no worries here, since all of the ingredients conform to the parameters set by the Paleo OK foods list, a combination of coconut flour and almond flour.

12. Almond Loaf
One flour you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with on Paleo is almond flour. It comes in handy in dozens of different baking applications and it provides a pretty darn good substitute to general purpose flour. This almond loaf was made using almond flour and a few select additional ingredients like coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. This recipe is good for showing you how easy it is to come up with a loaf of Paleo bread. It isn’t exactly rocket science so don’t be afraid to try it out if you’ve never made bread from scratch before.

13. Paleo and Vegan Sandwich Bread
When eating Paleo you may find that you end up using vegan recipes a lot. This is not surprising because vegan cooking entails cutting out a lot of junk and only using wholesome sources. Of course you’ll be ruining the vegan-ness of it with the meat you’ll be having with it, but for side items like bread it’s totally OK to borrow a page from the vegan notebook. Here we have a bread that is both Paleo and vegan approved, and uses a bit of applesauce to give it a unique flavor. One thing to remember is that vegan cheese substitutes that you can find at the store will typically be Paleo friendly and actually taste pretty good.

14. Grain-Free Sandwich Bread
Getting the grains out is pretty much the top priority when you make a bread that is Paleo approved. That’s what we’re seeing here is the use of coconut flour instead of wheat-based flour. You’re going to get a milky taste from this because they’ve used almond milk, and a creamy taste because there’s cashew butter. This should give the bread a smoothness that you won’t find with other breads on the list, which might make it preferable to some, and others may prefer the other types made out of almond flour or that contain flax meal.

15. Cheesey Tapioca Flatbread
Flatbread is a nice change of pace to ordinary loaves, and it goes really well with all sorts of meals, and you can even make a meal out of it by using it to make a sandwich. This cheesey version is made using tapioca flour, so it will have a different texture and flavor than breads made with almond flour or coconut flour. The cheese they’re using is the kind that is usually given a nod on Paleo, unless you are being very strict. Hard cheeses like asiago and parmesan are usually given a pass because they don’t include as much dairy. It’s up to you to determine what your body can handle.

pumpkin bagels
Photo: Beauty and the Foodie

16. Low Carb Pumpkin Bagels
Here is your chance to make pumpkin bagels that can help usher in fall, and also are great any time of the year. They are made with real pumpkin of course, as well as a host of additional ingredients to make them taste great without being bad for you in any way. Just be sure to follow the Paleo instructions, as this is a multi-purpose recipe but they’ve included the necessary substitutes to keep it Paleo. These taste great with grass-fed butter on them, and you can even try using a Paleo-friendly cream cheese if you feel up to it.

17. Grain-Free Cinnamon Roll Bread
The best part about baking up this bread is that it makes your whole house smell like you’re making cinnamon rolls. Scratch that, the real best part is eating this bread because it tastes like you’re eating cinnamon rolls. The only difference is you won’t be eating a bunch of artificial and processed ingredients, and instead you’ll be getting nourished by foods that your body craves, like flax seed, banana, honey, and more. Here’s a bread that you can really sink your teeth into and be totally happy with what you taste.

18. Raisin Bread
This raisin bread will have you wondering if it really is Paleo, or if you’ve just cheated on your diet program. But no worries, everything checks out and you can eat this in moderation just like anything else dubbed acceptable. With ingredients like sweet potatoes, coconut flour, eggs, butter, and raisins, how can you go wrong? She’s managed to exclude all of the things that give the body a hard time in regards to digesting and processing, and replaced them with items that are known to be easy to digest and absorb.

19. Low-Carb Southern Cornbread
This cornbread is cooked up southern style, but because it’s using ingredients that are Paleo friendly it clocks in as a low-carb food. Isn’t it nice to not have to worry about carbs, calories, fat grams, points, or any other silly thing they have you counting on other diet programs. With Paleo your focus is on using pure, wholesome, natural ingredients and eating until you feel satisfied. It’s about taking a philosophy towards food that is more in line with our body’s natural state of being, before we went and mucked things up with agriculture. This cornbread goes great with a bowl of Paleo chili.

20. Herby Sandwich Bread
You don’t always have to have ordinary bread when it comes to Paleo bread, and this recipe lets you have focaccia bread, which can really open the doors for a lot of gourmet sandwiches. Picture some nice organic roasted turkey breast resting between a few slices of focaccia, and some nice grilled vegetables to top it off. That’s the sort of meal that will leave you totally satisfied, and won’t put a dent in your waistline. The use of flaxseed meal, almond flour, whole eggs, and Extra Virgin Olive oil keeps you on the approved foods list and results in zero guilt.

grain-free sandwich bread
Photo: Colorful Eats

21. Colorful Grain Free Sandwich Bread
They go through a virtual checklist on what makes a bread a bread, and it’s pretty much right on. You want your bread to be able to toast up in the toaster, to have a crust on the outside but be soft on the inside, and to slice up without giving you too many problems. The reason this becomes important to consider is because many breads that try to cut out wheat and up falling short of many of these requirements. But this bread is up to the challenge and can be that go-to bread recipe you’ll need while going with the Paleo lifestyle.


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  1. Thanks for including me as well! I have yet to make a paleo sandwich bread recipe so the links to all of those are great 🙂

  2. What did I do wrong? Made the grain free/vegan bread and it just crumbles, no chance of cutting it. How long do you have to beat before it comes together in a “firm ball”. That never occurred and I put it into the pan at the semi-firm stage, after beating what seemed like forever, and it just falls apart.

    • Faye,

      I’m so sorry your bread crumbles, that’s so disappointing. That your dough didn’t become a firm ball indicates that a measurement might have been off. My best recommendations for baking grain-free include having all ingredients at room temperature, have the oven preheated, to measure everything accurately and to notice if things are happening the way they are supposed to, ie.: your dough is not firm. A soft dough would need you to add more flour to it, although if the dough is too soft because too much milk or fat was added, it will throw off the balance of everything else. Baking is very precise in this way, try it again and keep me posted on the outcome.

    • Kathy,

      As with all of your food choices, you have to decide. Read the label and check the ingredients, is it a grain-free paleo bread? If so, YAY, if not, and you are wanting to eat strict paleo, make one of the recipes in this post, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. I just made the best no-grain banana bread ever–in the microwave!!! Ten minutes of anticipation is a whole lot easier to tolerate than an hour, just sayin’…
    Here is the recipe if you’d like to make a healthy treat:
    1/3 cup almond flour
    1 tablespoon coconut flour
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    3 Tablespoons egg whites (you can use a whisked egg instead if you’d like)
    2 tablespoons coconut oil melted
    1 whole over-ripe (really good and brown) banana
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    1/2 package of Stevia (the small single-serving ones like for coffee)
    Grease a coffee mug with coconut oil.
    Mix and mash together all the ingredients with a fork in a bowl.
    Pour mixture into mug.
    Microwave for 3 minutes on high. Check it. Cook in 30 second intervals until mostly set (mine looked a tiny bit mushy on top after 3 minutes 30 seconds.
    Cover with a cutting board or plate and turn upside down leaving the hot mug over the bread.
    Cool for 5-10 minutes.
    Pop out of mug gently and slice.
    1/2 of the “loaf” is about 310 calories of healthy fat, protein, and fruit.

  4. Would it be horrible to mix up the ingredients and freeze it to bake later? I can go on and on about how busy I am and blah blah blah, really I’m just lazy and know I may not make it if it’s not super convenient. #thestruggle These all look great!

    • Kelsey,

      It probably wouldn’t be horrible, but you’d have to plan ahead and let it defrost and bake it, which only sounds like more work…so I am going to recommend,the single serve bread and the microwave bread. Those are recipes that you can whip up and cook in no time. Otherwise make the recipes, the bread and then freeze it. Let me know what you do.

  5. When you cook breads with the Coconut flour does it come out w/ the coconut taste?

    I am no fan of coconut but I would love to have more recipe options so I am interested in trying the ones made with the coconut as the alternate but am scared to try it. Is anyone else not a coconut fan that can weigh in?

    • Kelly,

      Breads and other foods made with coconut, will have a coconut flavor and some added sweetness. I really like coconut and barely notice it, especially in recipes with seasonings. Maybe give the garlic breadsticks a try? They have lots of herbs and garlic and are very good. Let me know if you try them.

    • Kristene,

      You can use many different things to replace eggs, depending on your tastes and the recipe:

      ground flax or chia combined with equal parts water (1tablespoon ea, is equal to 1 egg)

      pureed apples, prunes, or bananas or nut butters.

      Hope these suggestions help, let me know what you try and how it works.

  6. I REALLY need to find a wheat and lactose free recipe for a curry accompaniment , i.e. nan , Chapati etc.
    I can make a great curry, but the bread aspect is a really causing a big problem. Nan has yogurt, therefore lactose etc.

    I know I’m not talking Paleo with this (this is a medical thing), but maybe somebody out there has a recipe that qualifies as Paleo , gluten and lactose free.

    I would be grateful for any ideas / recipes. (and it would make my wife happy – which as any man knows, is a very good thing:) )

    • Loch,

      Have you tried the flatbread recipe from this post? It’s really good, while the recipe does call for butter (you can use ghee, if that works for your dietary needs) or coconut oil.

      Let me know if you try it and how it works out.

  7. I am also curious if I can substitute the coconut flour for something else like tapioca or arrowroot? I don’t mind if for the sweeter breads but i don’t want to taste in in the “regular, everyday” bread.

    • Jamie,

      You can adjust flours in recipes, but you’ll have to be open to experimenting. When you substitute coconut flour, you’ll want to adjust the quantity of the replacement flour and add just a bit more fat. Or if you don’t like experimenting, you can look for recipes that do not contain coconut flour. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  8. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I have a nonverbal two-year-old son. We are trying to move him off of grains completely, but the only thing I can get him to eat is an almond butter and honey sandwich. Just about every type of grain free bread I’ve tried he has discarded. I’m worried that he is so addicted to bread that it is limiting his world, not only are there different types of foods that he’s missing out on, but also his consumption of gluten may be affecting his development.
    I’ve tried withholding, and he just chooses not to eat anything at all. Has anyone gone through this successfully?

    • Hello, I had similar problem (not as drastic) with my son. If the bread you are giving him is gluten free he is getting no gluten. Try putting a piece of cheese with a dab of honey on his plate and see if the picks it up eventually. Don’t mention anything different. Also a very thin slice of apple or banana with almond butter on it. Just Introduce different things but about the same size and coloring. Next He needs to be on a protein shake with hidden kale in it. You must start slow with almond milk and ice and honey. See if he will drink it with a straw? If you can continue adding other things– he will pick it up eventually. Also use behavior modification by telling him if he tries the shake ( one sip at first) you will let him watch a favorite show or movie. He likes these flavors already. Good Luck.

    • Wendy, I’m just a grandma, who has not experienced your issues, but I wonder what else your son eats. does he eat apple sauce? try making a bread with coconut flour, eggs and let him add apple sauce to it. the apple sauce will provide sweetness, the coconut flour is said to offer more of a normal bread consistency, the eggs bind the coconut flour together. remember that coconut flour is VERY absorbent. you only need a little. I’m going to suggest microwave muffins in a cup so you don’t have to make so much only to have him reject it. here is a sample recipe for you to try.
      1 egg beaten
      1 Tablespoon of coconut flour
      one tsp of almond butter or regular butter or coconut oil
      1 tsp of grain free baking powder
      1 packet of stevia or one tsp of honey.
      1/8 tsp of salt, which can be omitted for one so young but I like it.
      2 Tbsp of apple sauce
      Cinnamon if desired.
      mix together the dry ingredients
      mix the wet ingredients beating til well mixed. combine and pur into a mug sprayed with pam or greased with coconut oil. bake in the microwave for 1-2 minutes til a toothpick comes out clean. This recipe is very similar to a one minute muffin but has salt, applesauce and coconut oil added for moistness. if you want it firmer, leave out the coconut oil since the apple sauce is meant to be a draw for you son. or cut back on the apple sauce. as created the recipe will be a moist muffin which can be sliced cross wise into rounds and topped with your choice of toppings. to make a sandwich you might have to make it firmer or cool it in the fridge to make the slices thinner. this recipe will also make about three 4 inch pancakes. if fried in coconut oil.

      • forgot to say, let the mixture sit for a minute before cooking so the coconut flour absorbs some of the moisture. I think it helps the texture.

    • Wendy,

      This must be so challenging and stressful for you, but know that young children can be very picky eaters. Typically young children like very bland, slightly sweet tasting foods, so I can see why he would like an almond butter and honey sandwich. If you can find a grain free bread that looks like the bread he likes to eat, use one slice of regular and one slice of grain-free (keeping the grain free on the bottom). And/or as he is resistant to grain free bread at this time, maybe focus on introducing other foods that he may enjoy such as cucumber, red pepper or apple slices, small pieces of cooked chicken or sweet potato and serve these with a side of almond butter to dip them into. Try introducing grain free crackers, cookies or muffins as well as paleo smoothies (into which you can sneak some greens), keep the portions small and offer him variety alongside his sandwich. He may also like the entire routine of meals and may enjoy the same meal at the kitchen table or in his highchair, so maybe packing a picnic and eating at the park might help him to try some new flavors. I hope these suggestions help, keep us posted on how things go.

  9. I’m not a believer in vegan or Paleo diets. I believe in a healthy diet that leans somewhat in the vegetarian direction and I just became convinced of the need to eliminate wheat from my diet. I applaud this website and the author for providing me with the bread alternatives I was looking for. I also appreciated the open eclectic attitude of the author in including some items recommended by vegans. Still, I believe red meat should be avoided . Thank You.

    • Unfortunately I think our concept of a healthy diet has been perpetrated upon us by big Pharma.
      I think red meat from grain fed cattle and sheep IS bad for us . These animals were designed to eat grass. We were designed to eat meat, fat, vegetables , a few seeds and a little seasonal fruit. But never any kind of grain. ! When Man began farming and grain consumption , so began disease and illness. Today our food supply is being contaminated by Factory farming and GMOs.
      I equate most “foods” in a Supermarket with “kibble” Sweet and tasty and Deadly

      • Linda,

        There has been so much nutrition and dietary mis-information in the past 100 years, it’s very confusing to sort it all out. I’m thankful I found Paleo! And as paleo shoppers, we know to avoid the center of the market and stick to the outside loop which is where we find the lean proteins, the nuts, seeds, greens, vegetables and fruits. It not only saves us time when we shop, it keeps us healthy.

    • Jordan,

      I’m so glad that you found this post and that you can enjoy some grain-free bread.
      Paleo offers a base structure of foods that are easily digestible for our bodies based on our genetics, but each of us can make decisions about what we eat based on our beliefs. I absolutely agree with you, because I believe in a healthy diet as well! Let me know which of these recipes is your favorite.

  10. I have a daughter who has the same basic problem with her 5 year old son…not eating what’s good for him. If you’ll give me your email address, I’ll send that on to her, and she can email you. She’s still got the same issues, but is just thought you and she could write to each other. BTW, my other daughter’s name is Wendy!

  11. I have polymyalgeia rheumatica and am on steroids.My rheumatologistt says go on the paleo diet to avoid weight gain and moon face effect but has given me no diet information. I have a dairy allergy and .use soya milk. I need a bread and pancakes which are not too difficult to make.PLease help

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for reading this post. Of these recipes, pick one that sounds good to, and try it. These are all good recipes and fairly easy to make, I like to make the Cheesy Tapioca Flatbread, as its pretty quick and tastes great. I’ve got lots of paleo resources and recipes on here, so click around to find out more about paleo. Keep me posted on how things go and always feel free to share a story or ask a question.

  12. After 30 years of pain..heavy fatigue..etc etc etc..I have been shocked into this new world of paleo…and I feel’s a dream come true! I can’t begin to describe the difference that being grain free has made. I am excited to know there are breads I can have. I feel so free that I’m in tears!

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