Stacey (RD, CHFS, Certified Integrative Health Coach)

Stacey F., RD, CHFS, Certified Integrative Health Coach, currently resides outside of Denver, Colorado. In addition to operating a small virtual health coaching and nutrition counseling practice, Stacey works as a behavior coach for outside companies spreading the message about the benefits of the mind-body connection, mindfulness, and self-care. She also spends time educating others on the importance of managing chronic conditions through nutrition and physical activity. Stacey values teaching others how to live in alignment with their own individual values with respect to health and wellness without rigid rules to follow or fad approaches, though she has witnessed the benefits of a Paleo-friendly diet in both herself and in others. Because of her love for learning, Stacey views each experience in life as an opportunity for growth and encourages others to do the same.
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