33 Superpowered Acai Bowls & Drinks You Need to Try

By Jess

Acai is one of those trendy foods everyone wants to get in on. The puree (most commonly used in recipes, along with the powder) is made from acai berries grown in the Amazon, and it’s very high in antioxidants. Many of these recipes are variations on the ever-popular acai bowl, but there are a few smoothie and other recipes included, too. All paleo-friendly. Enjoy!

It’s awesome that I can get all of the amazing health benefits from acai with these Paleo perfect acai recipes. Antioxidants ahoy!

1. Brazilian Acai Bowl
This acai bowl is a simple and authentic recipe made with frozen acai (just the pure pulp), bananas, water, homemade granola, and fresh berries such as blueberries and strawberries. You don’t have to use the included recipe for chocolate granola if you have another paleo favorite!

Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Acao Bowls
Photo: Get Inspired Everyday

2. Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Acai Bowls
For an elegant and chocolaty acai bowl, try this version made with bananas, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, acai puree, and toppings like grain-free chocolate almond granola, pomegranate seeds, and coconut yogurt. The pomegranate seeds, at least, are essential.

3. Acai Magic Shell
Do you remember having magic shell on your ice cream as a kid? I sure do. The magic ingredient is coconut oil, which is featured in this real food version of the topping, along with acai powder, raw cacao powder, maple syrup or raw honey, and a pinch of sea salt.

4. Raspberry Acai Smoothie Bowl
Made with homemade almond milk and an acai smoothie pack, this easy smoothie bowl is friendly for many different types of diets, and has a bright, sweet, and slightly tart raspberry flavor. You can adjust the sweetness by deciding how many medjool dates you want to add.

5. Acai Protein Bowl
Perfect for those who do morning workouts, this acai bowl has added protein from a paleo-friendly protein powder of your choice. You’ll need acai puree, banana, coconut milk, stevia, vanilla extract, and toppings like hemp seeds, blueberries, raisins, and chia (leave off the oats).

Superfruit Acai Mango Bowls
Photo: Making Thyme For Health

6. Superfruit Acao Mango Bowls
The best thing about this acai bowl is that with sweet mango and banana added to the acai, you don’t need to add any other sweeteners like dates or stevia. It’s naturally creamy and sweet with a bit of vanilla almond milk (or homemade almond milk would be best).

7. Beetroot, Cherry, and Acai Smoothie
Reddish purple fruits like cherry and acai make the perfect disguise for a bit of nutrient-packed, iron-rich beetroot in your smoothie. The cinnamon, coconut milk, and other fruits help to hide the taste of the beet, so this might be an option for you if you want to boost your nutrients but don’t like the taste of beets.

8. Acai Berry Bowl
This bowl comes with two options. The first is perfect for breakfast, with a base of acai puree, ground flaxseed, and coconut milk. To make it a bit sweeter, add a few dates and you’ve got dessert. Either way, you can top with nuts, seeds, mango, honey, toasted coconut, and cacao nibs.

9. Cherry Berry Acai Bowl With Cashew Cream
It’s all about the toppings, right? This acai bowl is made with a base of tart cherries, frozen raspberries, bananas, acai puree, and coconut milk. Then, it’s topped with delicious homemade cashew cream and a honey chia granola (or a granola of your choice).

Kiwi Strawberry Acai Bowls
Photo: The Roasted Root

10. Kiwi Strawberry Acai Bowls
This delicious acai bowl is simple with banana, frozen blueberries, acai, and coconut milk. It’s perfect for calming everyday stress and nerves, and it’s irresistible when topped with ripe kiwi, strawberries, walnuts, more coconut milk, and chia seeds.

11. Blueberry Orange Hero Smoothie
What makes this smoothie a hero smoothie? It’s immune-boosting properties! This smoothie is full of superfoods in the form of blueberries, orange juice, full fat coconut milk, vanilla seeds, banana, bee pollen, acai powder, and maca powder. It’ll have you back on your feet in no time.

12. Berry Beet Acai Breakfast Bowl
Here’s another beety recipe for your breakfast. This one is made with medjool dates, coconut milk, chia seeds, brazil nuts, beets, frozen acai, and mixed frozen berries. You can top it with coconut flakes, hemp seeds, and sliced fresh fruit and berries. Yum!

13. Dairy Free Acai Banana Ice Cream
This “ice cream” has no cream in it at all (not even coconut cream!) and it’s made with only two ingredients. I bet you can guess what they are. Did you guess banana and acai? You’re right! This simple banana-based ice cream is sweet, simple, and made with no added sugars.

Acai Smoothie Dessert Bowls
Photo: Say Grace Blog

14. Acai Smoothie Dessert Bowls
Acai isn’t just for breakfast. This delicious and healthy acai bowl is perfect for dessert, with acai puree, banana, strawberries, dark chocolate chips, coconut milk, banana, roasted almonds, and more chocolate sprinkled on top with shaved coconut flakes.

15. Chia, Acai, and Strawberry Layered Breakfast Jar
This gorgeous breakfast is going to be your new best friend when you realize how amazing it tastes, and how much energy it can give you to start your day. Special ingredients like almond butter, fresh mint, and bee pollen add protein, flavor, and more.

16. Blueberry Banana Acai Bowl
With a simple base of frozen blueberries, frozen banana, acai powder, and coconut water or coconut milk (skip the soy milk option, obviously), this acai bowl is the easiest and can be customized with whatever toppings your beautiful and healthy heart desires.

17. Tropical Acai Bowls
I love tropical fruits, and they always make me feel especially cheerful in the morning. So I’m in love with this tropical acai bowl made with acai smoothie packs, pineapple, mango, and coconut milk. You can top with whatever you like, but I’m going with shredded coconut and more tropical fruit.

Acai and Lucuma Pancakes
Photo: The Latina Cook

18. Acai and Lucuma Pancakes
These layered pancakes are made with acai powder and lucuma powder, along with just eggs, bananas, honey, and chia seeds. They are free of any flour, even grain free flours, and the fact that they have just a handful of ingredients makes this a super easy breakfast.

19. Layered Acai Chia Cups
I absolutely can’t get over how gorgeous this breakfast is. I have to have it in my mouth right now. The three layers are made of different combinations of fruits, with flavors like maple syrup and vanilla powder. Of course, you can’t forget the all-important chia seeds.

20. Acai Bowl Cheesecakes
These cheesecakes have no cheese, and no cake, so you don’t have to worry. They’re like frozen acai bowls but with a made of figs and granola (use grain-free) with a cashew cream and acai filling, topped with whatever you’d put on a really good smoothie bowl.

21. Pumpkin Acai Bowl
You don’t have to give up on your summery breakfasts when you head into autumn. You can adapt! Like with this pumpkin acai bowl, made from acai puree, almond milk, coconut yogurt (to replace the Greek yogurt), pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and toppings.

Spinach and Blackberry Smoothie
Photo: Hello Fresh

22. Spinach and Blackberry Smoothie
This easy smoothie is enhanced with acai powder and sweetened with medjool dates. It’s packed with greens and nutrients, and makes a great afternoon pick-me-up. Feel free to replace the Greek yogurt with either coconut yogurt or coconut milk.

23. Acai Cacao Truffles
These acai truffles are the ultimate superfood treat with coconut oil, cacao powder, acai powder, maple syrup, dates, almond butter, and cacao nibs. They’re naturally sweetened and rich in antioxidants. You really can’t go wrong with a batch of these babies.

24. At Home Acai Bowls
Despite the unassuming name, I’ve included this recipe because it’s unique—it’s actually for acai bowls that are very ice-cream-like, made in an ice cream maker! You can replace the Greek yogurt with coconut yogurt and the agave syrup with maple syrup.

25. Blue and Acai Berry Cheesecake
This raw, vegan, and paleo cheesecake is made with a cacao-walnut crust and a deliciously creamy filling of raw creamed cashews, tahini, vanilla, dates, mashed bananas, fresh blueberries, and cacao powder. I bet it’d be gorgeous topped with edible flowers!

Fresh Dragonfruit Strawberry Acai Bowl
Photo: The Stay At Home Chef

26. Fresh Dragonfruit Strawberry Acai Bowl
If you like your smoothies bright and pink, this is the recipe for you. You’ll need acai juice, coconut yogurt (to replace the Greek yogurt), honey, frozen strawberries, banana, dragonfruit, and a paleo granola recipe for your choice (the one linked in this recipe isn’t paleo).

27. Simple Raw Acai Tarts
These little tarts have a crust made from ground almonds, dates, and cacao powder with a hint of vanilla. The acai filling is made from creamed cashews and is sweetened with dates and apple juice. Alternatively, you can just fill the crust with blended acai!

28. Watermelon Tea-monade with Acai
I love this unique drink recipe for a summer refresher. It’s kid-friendly and made with watermelon puree, chilled brewed white tea, and acai berry powder. Blend it all up in the blender and you’ve got an amazing drink for a very hot summer day!

29. Acai Coconut Water Smoothie
This smoothie is amazingly hydrating and full of antioxidants, so it would really be perfect to suck down after a long run or a hard workout, or even just on a hot day of outside fun. You’ll need acai puree, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, coconut water, and chia seeds.

Strawberry Superfood Smoothie
Photo: Lets Talk Fitness

30. Strawberry Superfood Smoothie
This smoothie is so beautiful, I almost can’t believe it has spinach in it! But it totally does, along with strawberries, banana, apple juice, acai berry powder, flax seeds, chia seeds, and ginger. Blend it all up and enjoy topped with goji berries.

31. Berry Burst Granita
Granita is a scraped, icy Italian treat, and this one is super healthy, too. It’s made with acai berry tea, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, and fresh raspberries. All of those sweet berries are so good on their own, they don’t need any added sweetener.

32. Cacao Berry Bliss Bowl
With superfoods like acai and maca powder, this delicious berry bliss bowl will take you right to heaven and back to finish your workday. You can top it with fruits, seeds, and nuts, and a bit of a delicious paleo-friendly granola of your choice.

33. Superfood Smoothie
This beautiful, slow-poured layered smoothie is made from two different mixtures, one with pineapple, banana, and sea buckthorn with nut milk or coconut water, and the other with acai puree, frozen berries, bananas, and hemp protein for a burst of protein goodness. Perfect for breakfast!


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